Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Human Animal series

My latest artwork  explores the boundaries between  Human and Animal, which is investigated through a sociological & psychological approach. Below some samples of the series, oils on canvas & live performance with installation performed at University of Kent in June 2010

"The United Animal Kingdom2, oils on canvas

The Human-Animal, life performance & installation

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Human Animal

My work above reflects on the interface and the space where the species meet and brings to question aspects of human's animality in an era of chaos and uncertainty. If there is a hope for a better world this may be an illusion.

Monday, November 14, 2011

‘El sueño’

Una de mis poesías habla de los sueños, la escribí estando a caballo entre el Reino Unido y Barcelona durante unas jornadas de arte terapia en 2012. 

Sueño de dia, sueño de noche
sueño despierta, sueño dormida

En el dia sueño que no estoy despierta
y en la noche sueño que no estoy dormida
y en mi sueño de noche persigo
el despertarme soñando de dia
soñando que no estoy dormida
que mi sueño si tiene vida
y que la vida es un despertar cada dia

Soñando me percato de la esencia y la presencia
soñando me evado de la corteza exterior
que se apodera de mi existencia
cual reflejo interior
mas alla de la experiencia

Y que es soñar sin dormir
Vivir sin morir
Soñar es sentir, fantasear, desear
 perseguir y conseguir
Seguir despertando es mi sueño
Y disfrutarlo en silencio mi empeño

©Copyright M.A.L.Huguet 

La vida en sueño

Me encuentro sumida en una nueva etapa de mi vida con nuevos planes y adventuras artisticas, las cuales parecen proyectarse hacia el exterior con naturalidad. Se abre hacia mi una puerta nueva de posibilidades y proyectos que se reflejan timidamente y que sin quererlo parecen llevarme hacia lo que todavia esta pendiente por descubrir.

Reflejo de la vida misma y quien mejor que Calderon para expresar que toda la vida es sueño y yo soñando me veo sumida en mi propia ilusión. Un "Abismo Interior"que represento con  unos bocetos rápidos reflexionando en la profundidad de las cosas y las inmensas posibilidades que se abren al paso de lo que todavía queda por conocer.

 "Dreams"oils on paper, A4  "The Fall", oils on paper, A4

Qué es la vida? Un frenesí.
¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión,
una sombra, una ficción,
y el mayor bien es pequeño;
que toda la vida es sueño,
 y los sueños, sueños son.
de Calderon de la Barca

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Art's Labyrinth Exhibition

Thanks to all who came to see my work at the BoxRoom Gallery in Folkestone as part of the Frindge events during the Triennial Festival.

There is a limited edition of prints of the labyrinth artwork, which are available on request. Visit website if interested.

 Thank you for following me or visiting my blog.

 Abstract Emotions, mixed media on paper. A4

Friday, July 15, 2011

At the Triennial: Folkestone

A solo show displaying the series of labyrinths at the BoxRoom Gallery in Folkestone from 29th Jul to 14th Aug. The Gallery is located in the first floor at the top of ArtLab Shop in High Street.

The work displayed is a reflection to my journey through the labyrinth as part of an Artist Residency I took last year. There's two new entries to add in relation to this theme, which have not been seen yet. If you are around town, please don't forget to visit the gallery to see my work.

Abstract Reflections
Mixed Media

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oyster Festival: Whitstable

Two of my works, "Milky Way" and "Between Two Worlds" together with the work of other talented artists will be on display at the Horsebridge Gallery Exhibition 'A 1 Open 2011' during the Oyster Festival in Whitstable in Kent.
The exhibition runs from the 15th to the 31st of July and it's opened to the public from Monday to Sundays. If you are in town why don't you come to see what's hanging on the walls?

"Milky Way"mixed media on canvas,A1
Copyright artwork M.A.L.Huguet

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Artist Statement

My work ranges from conceptual & surreal to traditional & figurative according to the fundamental nature of my ideas. Human, woman, object, subject, maker and signifier are points of departure and subjects for aesthetic investigation. 

I am fascinated by the many forms that art can take, which I attempt to capture in my work through exploration e incorporation of raw materials & mediums. I want my work to leave a mark, the mark of a woman- human- being inspired greatly by all aspects of contemporary life and culture. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Emigrante no hay camino se hace camino al migrar

This is a country full of immigrants in which people from different nationalities live together but not always in harmony. As one myself, I have experienced well what it means to be an immigrant in a foreign land. Mass population hide people's identity and are driven to a mainstream of adopted routine, consumerism and fake believes.
 Studio for an Immigrant. 

"The Immigrant", oils on paper

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Blue Minotaur

Where my origins are, deepen to the art, a very spontaneous response to myth and culture, an 'alla prima" painting, wet to wet in one session. I quite like the fact that it was a bit experimental and very spontaneous. I enjoyed the process and most important, the following day after I completed the work, I did not dislike it. This is something that it may not always happen. In fact, I was also engaged with a self-portrait last week, using the same technique, which did not survive. Now it's underneath another new painting.

The Minotaur is a motif which is recurrent in my practice, since it brings to life my Spanish roots. I am also a Taurus and feel very much identified with the symbolism of this animal. The Minotaur was a creature who was born from an abnormal sexual encounter between a woman and a white bull and who was imprisoned for life. This fact opens up the tantalising question about how much we are responsible for our own actions or behaviour since we have not much saying when we are born. The way we are, the way people behave... is this the result of a social phenomenon experimented by mass and culture? Can the beast be born or it is made? We are born alone, and we continue to be alone in our life, no matter how many people we surround ourselves, there's always a void.

Blue Minotaur. Oils on Canvas

Friday, May 6, 2011

Reflections at Little Blue Hut: Part V

"The artist's Eye"  Copyright M.A.L.Huguet


There were not many visitors attending to "Meet the Artist" day, only few friends of mine and just two from the Organiser side. Not much effort was made to promote this event on their behalf; only the Manager came together with a photographer to the "Meet the Artist" day. Mmmmnnn I thought he would be taking photos of my residency and make a little bit of publicity about my artwork but it was contrary to my thoughts.

  Surprisingly, the photographer took the same photo I had taken and used as my poster, this is from a view that  only residents have access to it. I had promoted my opening event with it and had previously emailed the poster to the Organiser in order to promote my opening. My flyer was displayed on the window hut for every one to see.  However no publicity was made about my residency or work, only a couple of links to my blog posted on fb.

 I wasn't happy with the implications, as I felt I had been robed. There must have been previous artists to me on Residence at the Hut, who may have noticed such an inspiring view, but as far as I am concerned, I have never seen the same image published before me.

  Creative Canterbury is now using the image taken by their photographer to promote their own business, and the product they sell. But considering they serve to the arts, and the artists involved, who happily agree to be doing unpaid work on their site, they should consider to respect artist's work, and this is an opposite sample of good practice. It is quite interesting also to know that, Creative Canterbury has removed all publicity involved related to the residences at the Blue Little Hut, so there's not any record now online about my own residency, only the ones tha I am publishing in my blog here.

It's good to create tendencies, though, respect is a must.

As for the views, I've seen the most beautiful sunsets  ever from the window at Little Blue Hut, located in Tankerton Slopes in Whitstable. Below there are some photographs which I have selected and edited on video.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet the Artist

Your are invited to meet the artist at work at the Little Blue Hut
and see a selection of drawings, painting and poetry developed as Artist in Residence
Little Blue Hut N.139 at Tankerton Slope Whisthable 
Friday 13th of May 2011
Time, 2-7 pm
Below "The Artist's Eye"  Copyright M.A.L.Huguet



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflections: Part IV

I continue my adventures at the Little Blue Hut in Tankerton this week. The weather has not been good so far; it’s been very windy on site, which has made more difficult working. The ideas starts to be more settled, but the work still needs further development. I have designed the flyer for the open day, in which people are invited to come along to meet the artist and see my work and I will publish the invitation during this week. I hope the weather will be nice on this day so that people may want to turn up. Being on the site has been challenging. Yesterday it was very windy and one of these days in which I had to push myself and my works. At the end of the day, I had given a twist to some of the work which I developed last week, an “alla prima” a wet-to-wet painting, which I completed and destroy in one session. The exercise was revitalising, energetic and fresh.

Below are some examples on how my work is being developed, some drawings and studios, which help to the development of ideas.

 "Nude", white charcoal on black papeer
 "The Prayers" white charcoal on black paper
Self-portrait, white charcoal on black paper

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reflections at Little Blue Hut:Part III

This week I am being very productive and I feel much more engaged with my work. I am developing a series of drawings and small paintings whilst continuing my creative writing. I have almost completed a series of poems and Allegories which are somehow motivated for the Easter period, since one cannot forget her origins or Catholic background. I now feel that my work is developing and I can see this from two different perspectives: in a way the ideas are more settled, whilst reflecting on our condition as human beings as well as our capacity to think, feel and communicate. On the other hand, the work seems to be more reflective and transpires a sense of unbalanced uncertainty. It is not clear what motivates my thoughts but I am continuing expressing myself

Somehow, the space as well as the cold weather have influenced the work I'm developing and therefore the nature of the ideas have been disturbed.

Below, some extracts from poems and allegories as well as some beautiful photographs:

The Candle Light

In the falling of the night
Under the candle light
Heads absolutely dream
Minds completely fly
As thoughts like to depart

But consciously silent
As no response it is found
So, one can do no more
Other than to unfold
What it is hidden to the soul...

Crossing road

Where the cross roads meet
peregrines walk bare feet
But nobody knows where the roads
may have taken the fallen souls...

Reflections Part II

My adventure at the Little Blue Hut continues this week from Monday. I am pleased that the weather is being good so far, which makes a bit of difference. For the last days I have been considering ideas, those particularly related to  mood and ambience, space and surroundings. I have taken photographs from the site, as it has captivated my being and have selected some of them.. I would like to bring to life these images by editing them on video with some music track.

Kids are playing everywhere, a reminder of Easter holiday break soon. From the solitude of my thoughts, I am interrupted with voices, screams and music in the background.

The week is being productive so far as I have found great inspiration during the time spent at the hut. I am pleased with how my creative practice is developing. I am working from sketches and finishing a monochrome drawing with white pastel on black paper, which requires a bit more of work, so I will publish this as soon as I am happy with the outcome. Somehow, I've found myself to be engaged in creative writing and have already published one poem in a previous post. I have now finishing a second poem. It's the first time I'm writing poetry in a foreign language. So, I may have to re-edit them in some point.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reflections: Space & Humans

On my arrival to Little Blue Hut, I engage with the space and the surroundings naturally and freely...there is not bed here and the furniture is kept to the basis, enough to feel oneself uncomfortable. The size automatically reminds me of the space where I live, and I wonder: is this place really a point of departure for artistic exploration of the limitation of space? as it seems to be very much of the same that the space I've already explored. Nevertheless, the views are different, beautiful and the colour of the sea merging with the sky bring some contentment to my persona. I start interacting with the space by organising my own staff and some of the equipment: laptop & painting tools.

On the wall there's a very naive drawing of a child named Frederich...probably made by a previous visitor. My immediate thought is to draw a companion for him...but other thoughts stops me. The second immediate action is to take some photographs from inside and outside the hut…What a peaceful place to be!. The outside scene is very picturesque as one can see the colourful huts standing on 3 rows... The one where I'm staying, called Little Blue Hut is the first hut at the top raw, it's less colourful than others, looks more neglected, but still full of character. 

Anyway, I am here on a mission, a creative one, so I better start by making some sketches and drawings. It's during this drawing process that I am lost on time until the lack of natural light reminds me that it is time to set off...After 7 o'clock it's been difficult to stay still drawing because your body starts noticing the cold, my brain doesn't function work when I'm cold and my body doesn't respond either. The 'falling of the night and the colour changing of the sky' deserves to be contemplated. The scene is very inspiring, it transmits a sense of solitude and peaceful relief, and without noticing I'm invited to stay a bit longer and with it the reflection progress. 

Below a poem I wrote on site    
Little Blue Hut

Little Hut
Blue in colour
Worn and faded
but bright hearted
You face the sea
for all to see

You perceive
The passing souls
The cloudy skies
The silent sound
The walking dogs
and always silent

Like a small giant
You are at front
Facing it all
but you remain silent

Little Blue Hut
Your immobile presence
Captives my being

LBH Residency: Photographs from site

These are some photographs that I have taken during my residency at the Little Blue Hut in Whitstable. There's a very beautiful scenario on site as you can see from the photographs

The Artist's Eye

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artist in Residency

I'm the Artist in Residency at the Little Blue Hut, Tankerton Slopes as part of the Creative Canterbury Project started in 2009.  I hope this is going to be a good experience. Anyway, here I am. Today is the first day at the spot. The residence is for one month, starting from mid April to mid of May. So, from now on and for the whole month I'm going to be working on situ and challenge weather conditions.

I hope that the Organisers will make their best to get some exposure as this is not a paid job. I have some great expectations and am very enthusiastic with the project and the space, which I think, will allow me to engage with the wild scenario and natural landscape.

I will post some photographs as soon as I can and will keep an update of my creative Journey at the Slopes.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Este es uno de mis ultimo dibujos. Un estudio de Crucifixión para un cuadro al oleo en proyecto.

One of my latest works at the moment. A studio for a Crucifixion oil painting

"Crucifixion", pencil on paper, A1